Custom Figure Skate Boots

Custom Boots

If you can dream it, we can build it! Our finest craftsmen will design and build your custom boots to exacting specifications and features. We can make allowances for orthotics, arches, toe room, heel spurs, foot irregularities, bunions, etc. You can choose color, leather temper, firmness, heel height, materials and much more. Build your dream skate with Riedell Custom Boots.

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Premiums & Specials

Just want to change up a couple of things to make your boots your own? Create a Premium boot by selecting the stock boot of your choice. Then pick a size, a color (from 25 color options) and/or material change. Only one change? Then a Special-built boot is the answer. One change: $65. Up to three changes: $95.

Check out our Pinterest board for ideas to inspire your own custom Riedell designs!

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